Our Hendal, Our Wakefield

At Hendal Primary school we understand the importance of providing children with opportunities to learn about their local area and community. We have shaped our curriculum to ensure that we have strong links, trips and visits that allow children the opportunity to learn about Wakefield. Visits to local libraries, parks, museums and galleries continue throughout children’s education at Hendal.


Wakefield One Library

Hepworth Gallery

Sandal Castle

Standbridge Library

Wakefield Author- Conrad Burdekin

Wakefield- Thornes Park

Wakefield National Coal Mining Museum

Wakefield Fire Service- assembly, fire talk

Wakefield Adult Education- courses for parents

Wakefield Future in Minds

Wakefield Theatre

Wakefield Police- assemblies, competitions and visits

Wakefield Anglers Eco- competitions

Wakefield- Healthy Living Project

Wakefield Warburton’s- visitor

Wakefield- Explore Learning

Wakefield Bike ability scheme

Wakefield Road Safety

Wakefield St Catherine’s church- food bank

Wakefield St James Church

Wakefield Homeless Shelter

Wakefield Yorkshire Sculpture Park

Wakefield Mayor-Whole School

Wakefield- ASDA, COOP- food donations

Wakefield Museum

Wakefield Incredible Edibles

Wakefield Guide Dogs