Wakefield Hepworth Gallery

Visits to the Gallery

As a school we work closely with The Wakefield Hepworth Gallery. This includes visits to the gallery to view local artwork and also taking part in a variety of workshops. Children are also, encouraged to visit the gallery (which is free of charge) with their families.



Year 5 Art Project

Year 5 had the opportunity to be part of the ‘Art Print Project’. This involved working with artists from the Hepworth Gallery and Art Ambassadors from the local High School. This project was to develop printing skills and also develop children’s confidence to talk about art work. The local artists and art ambassadors came to Hendal to carry out exciting printing lessons and then the final pieces of art work were part of a gallery at the Hepworth. Children, parents and staff were then invited to visit the gallery and were shown a presentation followed by delicious cakes and drinks! The final pieces have been framed and can be seen all around the school. All of the children who took part in this project are now Art Ambassadors for Hendal Primary. Well done to all involved!