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Hendal Sports Leagues


12/9/19 Hendal 4 – 1 St James

St James brought a great team and for a large part of the game Hendal struggled to gain an advantage because of the great saves by St James’ goalkeeper. It wasn’t until late in the second half we managed to score the vital goals and win the game 4-1. Asa was awarded player of the match because he helped influence the late flurry of goals by having great vision and teamwork in the midfield position.

26/9/19 Hendal 1 – 1 Sandal castle

A hard earned point against a talented Sandal team. Hendal was losing 1-0 at half time, but after an inspired team talk and a great team effort we brought it back to draw 1-1. Ruben came on at half time as a substitute and earned the player of the match award after creating numerous chances with fantastic footwork.



19/9/19 Hendal 3 – 3 Dane Royd

This was the first match of the season and for many of the Hendal team, their first time representing the school.  It was a challenging match and what we took from this was some areas that we could improve on.  Everyone played really well and it was a great team effort.  We were winning right up until the last quarter, however Dane Royd produced two really well deserved goals.  We were all really pleased with the final score.

03/10/19 Sandal Magna 4 – 12 Hendal

This was our first away match.  The team proved that they had been listening in training and used the skills that they had been practising.  This led to Hendal having possession of the ball for the majority of the time.  It was a fantastic game to watch and Sandal Magna maintained their enthusiasm right up until the end.  The team were all really please with the final result.

17/10/19 Hendal 13 – 1 Sandal Castle

A really good match with Hendal really pulling together as a team.  There were some challenging moments and Sandal Castle played really well.  Both teams are all fairly new to the game, however some fantastic passing, footwork and shooting were displayed from both Hendal and Sandal Castle.  Fantastic positive attitudes were shown by everyone.  Another victory for Hendal, who are becoming a really strong team.  Well done



Kettlethorpe Pyramid Competitions

Boccia Tournament

We attended a Boccia tournament at Sandal Castle Primary School, the children tried hard and showed great sportsmanship supporting the other schools. We had a couple of tough games but ended up with some great results for our school. Well done to all our children who were involved.

Cross Country

Our Hendal PE staff took 20 children to the Cross Country Tournament held at Kettlethorpe High School. It was a cold and very wet day but the children showed no mercy and they all tried their best. We have 3 full teams that have qualified for the team event and move onto the next level of competitions these are our Year 4 and 5 Boys Team and our Year 5 Girls Team. We have some individuals that will also be entered as wild cards. We have selected a player of the tournament and this goes to Shanae in Year 6, Well done.

Indoor Athletics

Hendal Primary took a group of children to a local Indoor Athletics competition held at Kettlethorpe High School. Hendal are the reigning champions of this competition after gaining the shield last year. We had such a great start to the competition with our year 5 and 6 girls, we knew they were going for gold when they hadn’t lost a single running race. Along side the girls the boys were getting exceptional results when competing in their field events, every boy entered for an event finished in first place. The boys continued our winning streak and won all of their running races with the girls continuing to the perform exceptionally during their field events too. We are proud to say we will now go through to the next round of the competition. We have selected a player of the tournament and this goes to Lee in Year 5.

BenchBall Tournament

Our year 4 benchball team had a great time at the Benchball tournament held at Kettlethorpe school. We had a great start into the tournament and we ended up finishing in first place and bringing the shield back to Hendal. Our team showed great team work and sportsmanship throughout the tournament and we are proud of the team for their performance.

High 5 Netball Tournament 

With all the practice our Netball have been doing with our regular after school club, some of the sports staff took some of the netball team to a tournament held at Kettlethorpe High School. With some tricky rules changes from our normal league Netball the children worked hard to adapt and play their best. We had some great defence and movement on the court and played great as a team!

Girls Football Tournament 

Our Hendal girls football team attended a pyramid event which was held at Kettlethorpe Highschool. The girls had a great run throughout the competition, they worked well as a team and showed great sportsmanship. They became the winners of the event from our player of the match Alecia who scored the winner goal which meant that our Girls football Team at Hendal progressed onto the Wakefield schools girls football event.

Quick Sticks Hockey Tournament

In our PE curriculum for our Spring 1 Topic year 5/6’s was hockey. This was perfect timing as we took our Year 5/6 to a Hockey tournament held at Kettlethorpe Highschool. The children showed some amazing hockey skills and scoring lots of goals. They had great sportsmanship when players got injured and also cheering everyone on. Through our succession in all of our games we then came down to a tie. Whilst the team stayed calm and quiet the result was chosen by goal difference, meaning that our Hendal hockey team have progressed into the Wakefield Schools round. Our player of the tournament was Liam as he showed great resilience and teamwork.

Tag Rugby Tournament

Our Year 5/6 Tag Rugby Team have recently attended a Tag Rugby Tournament which was held at Kettlethorpe High School. The children showed great skill and team work even in the cold weather they played fantastic. Scoring try after try and defending their line they came back to Hendal a Victory! They have now qualified for the next round of competitions against the other Wakefield Schools.

Orienteering Festival

Last term in our PE lessons our topic was Orienteering. The children have to read a map and navigate themselves round to collect all points and then return back to base. Time is very important as the team that collects all points in the correct order the fastest are the winners of the race. We recently took a group of children to an Orienteering competition which was held at De Lacy Academy. Our Year 4 team did fantastic and worked incredibly well as a team, they collected all points and came 2nd out of 20 other teams! The year 6 team had a great time, they ran well and navigated themselves quickly around the points, they came back and finished in 3rd place. This was a level 2 competition where the top 4 teams go through to represent Wakefield in the level 3 competition at Leeds Becket University. So both of our Hendal teams are going through to the next round!

Boccia Festival

Some of our children recently attendended a Boccia Festival which was held at a venue in Castleford. Boccia is an inclusive sport in which you have to use accuracy and control in order to come out on top. The team entered this event knowing it was a big and popular event and in total the results were our of 14 different schools. They showed that at Hendal we are postive and we work hard, but also have a competitive side to us. They strived for greatness, and cheered for all of their fellow team mates when on the court. They were a great asset to Hendal Primary School.


Wakefield Schools Competitons

Indoor Athletics Tournament

After our succession at the Kettlethorpe Pyramid event we then took our athletics team to the larger event at St Thomas Becket Highschool. This is where we then took on all the other schools in Wakefield who has won their pyramid event and were competing for the next round to represent Wakefield at the West Yorkshire Games. All our children did great and tried the best in both track and field events, they had great results and scores and came an overall 3rd place. This is such a great achievement and we are all so proud of the children for taking part and thriving for their best.

Girls Football Tournament

The girls football team attended the Wakefield schools event which was held at A1 Football Factory. This was a huge event with over 16 teams going for that top spot. Our girls played great and used some great skills and communication on the pitch. With a couple of tough teams and a really good effort the girls finished 4th in ther group which meant they didnt advance to the next round of the competition. The girls got such a great experience at the event and have said they would love to go and give it another go next year!