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Christmas songs

Here are the children performing their Christmas songs Christmas Songs – Hendal Primary School

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Reading At Hendal Primary School


Through the teaching of Early Reading and Phonics we will nurture a love of Reading in all our children.

Through the rigorous teaching of our synthetic systematic phonic programme “Floppy’s Phonics” we will achieve success in making every child a reader.

Children will rapidly acquire new vocabulary and develop their use and understanding of spoken language by being provided with a variety of speaking and listening opportunities to raise standards in English, Mathematics and the wider curriculum.

Children will learn to speak clearly and confidently and they will transfer their vocabulary across our curriculum with ease.

Children will experience strong links with reading across the curriculum and understand the importance of reading as a transferable skill for future education and employment

At Hendal Primary school there is a strong reading culture that enthuses and engages children with high quality literature and texts that become secure childhood memories that can be cherished into adulthood.

We will raise the aspirations of children and parents about what children can achieve in Early reading.

We will increase children’s Cultural capital and improve life chances for all individuals.

We will raise the opportunities for children to become lifelong learners and gain successful future employment.

Children will be given the chance to learn through Experience.

Children will be given the opportunity to build on prior learning, increase their knowledge and apply key skills.

Children will be offered opportunities to learn through thematic and  the Outdoor environment.

Children will be encouraged to make links with our community libraries and local business.

Children will learn through a progression of skills from EYFS to 6.



“Reading for Pleasure is the single-biggest indicator of a child’s future success, more than their family circumstances, parents’ educational background or their income.” – Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development

At Hendal Primary we shall be celebrating our Love of Reading through a variety of activities throughout the day on THURSDAY 5TH MARCH.

Reading Areas

In every class room there is an exciting reading area for children. Teachers have worked hard to create exciting themes to promote a love of reading. Each reading area has a wide variety of fiction and non-fiction books that link to your child’s topic but also to meet the interest of the class. Please do come in and visit your child’s reading area. Here are a few of the reading areas in school.



School Libraries

Reading is a focus of the school and we encourage children to read, read, read! We are lucky enough to have two beautiful, well resourced libraries where all children across school can borrow books from to take home.

Our new EYFS library was opened by the famous Author Hilary Robinson in memory of our special colleague Mrs Woodcock, children will be able to enjoy stories together and with their families for many years to come. Please encourage your child to use our libraries and make time to share their books at home.


Foundation – Our ‘Mrs Woodcock’ library is open to swap and borrow books every Friday Morning from dropping off to 9.10am.

Year 1 – The Year 1 library is open to swap and borrow books every Friday Morning from dropping off. Please stay and share books with your child, you are welcome to stay in your child’s classroom/library from 8.50-9.10am.

Year 2- 6 – The library in KS2 is open to swap and borrow books for each class during the week. Every class has an allocated slot, however children are able to access the library to change their books during the day.

World Book Day 2019

Every year we celebrate World Book Day and plan exciting lessons and activities that take place throughout the day. This year children came to school dressed as their favourite book character and were asked to bring in their favourite book to share with their friends.



The outfits that children came to school in were FANTASTIC and we even won a local competition winning a selection of beautiful books to add to our new library. Well done everyone!


Book Swap

Each term we have a school book swap. This is an opportunity for children to bring in their favourite stories and share them with their friends and then take home a new book to read at home. Please encourage your child to take part as it is an easy and fun way for children to be exposed to other exciting books that they might not already have.


Year 6 Reading Buddies

Our year 6 children enjoy the responsibility of reading and sharing stories with other children in school. This is a good opportunity for all children to enjoy reading together for enjoyment.


Pyjamarama Day

Children had a very exciting day packed full with reading activities and stories. Children came to school in their comfortable Pyjamas and brought in their favourite story books. Children had class swap over in the afternoon and had a guest reader from another teacher at the end of the day. A wonderful day was had by all!



Extreme Reading Competition

Well done to all of the children who took part in our Extreme Reading competition. Miss Wild will be leading an assembly this month to encourage children to take more photographs of ‘Extreme Reading’ and will reward the three top winners with a voucher for WHSmith. Good luck everyone! Please continue to send in photographs of your child reading in extreme places.



Scholastic Book Fair

Please look out on the newsletter for the next visit from the Scholastic Book club. This is an opportunity to purchase new stories to share at home. At the Christmas Fair over 100 children purchased a new book to share at home. This has raised over £600 for school to spend on new books to add to our wonderful libraries. Thank you for your support.