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   Our Music leaders are Mrs Ashton and Mrs Bentham

Curriculum Statement of Intent for Music

At Hendal, we provide a high quality music education which enables children to develop a love of music whilst increasing self-confidence, creativity and a sense of achievement. Our aim is to provide a high quality music education that engages and inspires pupils to develop a love of music and nurtures their talent as musicians.
Through our scheme (Charanga Musical School) and topic work, pupils have the opportunity to perform, listen to, review and evaluate music across a range of historical periods, genres, styles and traditions. They learn to sing and to use their voices, to create and compose music on their own and with others and also have the opportunity to learn a musical instrument.

In KS1, the children enjoy singing songs and speaking chants and rhymes. They have the opportunity to play both tuned and percussion instruments which they use to create, select and combine sounds. They also listen and move to a wide range of music.

Children in KS2 build on the skills acquired in KS1 so that, by the end of year 6, they sing and play with increasing control and self-confidence. They deepen their understanding of music in the world and the significance of music through history. Children are encouraged to explore their own musical preferences and discuss these with confidence.

All children take part in weekly singing lessons which contribute to our Harvest, Christmas and Easter celebrations. Our Christmas and end of year performances provide an opportunity for the children to share their work in music with parents, governors and other friends of the school.

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Music content and progression.

















Curriculum drivers Music

Junior Jam – Year 3 African Drumming lessons

In the African drumming lessons children are introduced to the music of a different culture. The lessons teach the children a little bit of history of the Djembe and how the drums are made, information about the countries themselves and how to play the basic hits and rhythms. The lessons are hands-on with all children having the opportunity to play the drums, both as part of the group and in a solo capacity. Children learn how to hold the Djembe correctly to play it, as well as the three main hits, bass, tone and slap.

Junior Jam – Year 1 BoomWhackers

Children learn a new instrument in a fun, creative and inventive way. Children get the opportunity to play in different parts of the Boomwhackers’ orchestra to see where they prefer to be. Every song is taught using colour coordinated notes, allowing children who struggle to read from a stave to still participate easily. KS2 students will be encouraged to use their music theory knowledge to read the notated music and write and record compositions.













Sing Up Day 2021

Year 3 Caribbean Workshop….

Ukulele Lessons…


Learning to play an instrument…