Welcome to Falcon Class

Miss Lyons – Year 5 Class Teacher

Mrs Welsby – Year 5 Teaching Assistant


Reading at Hendal Primary School

Reading: Our reading resources continue to build upon previous learning stages! Our reading books are organised into coloured bands based on the level of challenge and length of text. We have a wide selection of other books within the coloured bands to ensure children are exposed to a variety of texts with the intention of all children developing a love for reading that will ensure success in adult life.

Curriculum Overview

Welcome to Year 5. Throughout the year your children will learn through the topics;

  • Space – To infinity and beyond
  • The Terrible Tudors
  • The Vile Victorians
  • Wild West
  • The Rainforest  

You can also speak to your class teacher Miss Lyons for additional information regarding the National Curriculum for Year 5 or click on the link below.

Click the link below for more information including our exciting Topic Launches, Educational Visits, Aspire Afternoons, Parent Partnerships and Finales.


Our Topic this Term

This half term you child’s topic is – The Vile Victorians

What is going on this Term

Topic Launch:

Educational Visit/Visitors: 

Things to Remember

Your child should arrive promptly at school for 9.00 am ready to begin morning work. It is paramount that your child is not late as this accumulates lost learning time.

Please send you child with the correct equipment on the following days:

Monday – Indoor/Outdoor PE kit

WednesdayHomework & Spellings are to be handed in

Friday – Indoor/Outdoor PE kit & Homework and Spelling handed out

If you need any support or have any questions regarding how you can support your child’s learning at home or require further resources please speak to you child’s class teacher (Miss Lyons).

Parent Partnerships

We welcome any opportunities for parents to share their skills and knowledge.

Please listen to your child read at home at least three times a week and record this in your child’s reading record.

Milk is available to children at a cost of £1.00 per week. Families who are in receipt of low income benefits will qualify for free milk for their child. To register and pay for milk online, please click on the following link;


Home Learning w/c 01/03/21

Welcome back everyone. I hope you had a lovely break and are relaxed and ready for learning. You were all absolute superstars last half term and I’m sure you will be again. Keep up the good work!

Quick Reminders: Tasks for each lesson will be put on the school website and in the chat on Teams.  If you need to speak to a teacher in lesson time please raise you hand or use the chat function signaled by the message symbol at the top of the Teams page. If parents need to contact a teacher please can they do so by e-mail and we will aim to address any concerns ASAP.

Also could we ask that work is of the highest standard and also of the required length and amount. We expect fantastic effort and presentation in school and we feel this should also be the expectation at home especially for our children in Upper School. When marking work teachers will be looking closely at the same high standards that we look for in school. We want ALL our children to do well and be the absolute best they can be, but this is going to take some absolute teamwork, resilience and perseverance from both us teachers and the children. We can do this! Can’t wait to see all your smiling faces on Teams ready for this next chapter in year 5. Please get in touch if you have any concerns.

Please find below the tasks for each lesson (updated on a morning). These do not need to be printed and can be used on screen to help children to complete their work in the exercise books provided. When the work is completed please e-mail to your teacher at ASAP and they will provide feedback which should be shared with children and acted upon.

Week 1 

Monday 22nd February 

Maths – Adding Fractions

Adding within 1 (bronze) (2)

Adding within 1 (Silver) (2)

Adding within 1 (Gold) (2)

English – Comprehension 

Doctor Barnado

Fact or Opinion Questions

Spelling  – Suffixes 

Rule 14 – suffixes after a ‘y’

PE – Hiit – you will need space to exercise

Tuesday 23rd February 

Maths – Adding 3 Fractions

Adding 3 fractions (Bronze)

Adding 3 fractions (Silver)

Adding 3 fractions (Gold)


English – Features of a Biography 



Thomas Edison WAGOLL

Topic – British Empire

Bronze Worksheet

Silver and Gold worksheet

Reading – Street Child 



Wednesday 24rd February 

Maths – Adding Fractions and Mixed Numbers

adding with mixed numbers (Bronze)

adding with mixed numbers (Silver)

adding with mixed numbers (Gold)

English – Biography 

Planning Template

Research Sheet (Tricky!!)

Research Sheet 1

Timeline – Research


My Generosity Promise


Watch and join in with both videos. Make your own Ostinato and three rhythms to go along side it.

Rhythm Learning Part 1 | KS1 and KS2 Homeschool Music Lesson from Sing Education – YouTube

Rhythm Learning Part 2 | KS1 and KS2 Homeschool Music Lesson from Sing Education – YouTube


Thursday 25rd February 

Maths – Subtracting Fractions


Subtracting fractions (Bronze)

Subtracting fractions (Silver)

Subtracting fractions (Gold)

English – Biography

Guide to using a Relative Clause 2

Guided Reading

Day One – Vocabulary

Murder at the Manor

Street Child 



Friday 26rd February 

Maths – Subtracting Mixed Numbers

Subtracting fractions and mixed numbers (Bronze)

Subtracting fractions and mixed numbers (Silver)

Subtracting fractions and mixed numbers (Gold)

English – Biography – Conjunctions



Art – Introduction to LS Lowery (Victorian Artist)   – Perspective

PE with Mr Swift

Please join the Year 5 PE Teams meeting.

Week 2 – 01st March 


Subtract 2 mixed numbers (Bronze)

Subtract 2 mixed numbers (Silver)

subtract 2 mixed numbers (Gold)

English  – English Comprehension

Impression Q’s

Florence-Nightingale News Paper

APE Grid – Bronze



Rule 21 – vowel suffixes 1

PE  – Hiit – 10 seconds rest between exercises


Tuesday 02/03/21

Maths – Multiplying Fractions 

Multiply unit fractions by an integer (bronze)

Multiply unit fractions by an integer (silver)

Multiply unit fractions by an integer (gold)


English – Introduction (biography) 

Biography Introduction Examples

Writing Prompt Silver and Gold

Writing Template Bronze

Topic – Rivers and Canals

Wakefield Canals

Reading Street Child