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School Closure Tuesday 2nd February 2021

Due to severe weather we have made the decision to close School today, Tuesday 2nd February. Home learning will be...

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Thank you to everyone who follows us on twitter we now have over 500 followers.  To keep update with what...

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BBC Own It App

BBC launches digital wellbeing 'Own It' app for children The BBC has created a "wellbeing" smartphone app called ‘Own It’, available through...

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Senior Leadership Team

Mrs Ashton (Headteacher)

Mr Benson (Deputy Headteacher)

Mrs Knowles (Assistant Headteacher/SENCO/Foundation Manager)

Miss Chapman (Teacher – Class 2A)

Mrs Galley (School Business Manager)


Miss Riley (Teacher – Class 6A)

Miss Ward (Teacher – Class 6B)

Miss Goodwin- maternity cover (Mrs Freer) (Teacher – Class 5A)

Miss Lyons (Teacher – Class 5B)

Miss Stone (Teacher – Class 4A)

Miss Young (Teacher – Class 4B)

Miss Farrer (Teacher – Class 3A)

Mrs Ashton / Mrs Bentham (Teacher – Class 3B)

Miss Chapman (Teacher – Class 2A)

Miss Abdul (Teacher – Class 2B)

Mrs Wild (Teacher – Class 1A)

Miss Pickup (Teacher – Class 1B)

Mrs Marshall (Teacher – Upper Foundation 1)

Mrs O’Neill (Teacher – Upper Foundation 2)

Miss Balmond (Teacher – Nursery)

Mrs Thornton (Teacher – Nursery)

Support Staff

Mr Swift (Sports Development Officer)

Mrs Stelmach (Teaching Assistant – Class 6A)

Mrs Lipscombe (Cover Supervisor – Class 6B)

Mrs O’Shea (Year 6 Pupil Premium Reading Intervention Teaching Assistant)

Mr Rigg (Teaching Assistant – Class 5A)

Mrs Welsby (Teaching Assistant – Class5B)

Mrs Goodinson (Cover Supervisor – Class 4A)

Mrs Griffin (Teaching Assistant – Class 4B)

Miss Galley (Teaching Assistant – Class 3A)

Miss Bradford (Teaching Assistant – Class 3B)

Mrs Taylor (Teaching Assistant – Class 2A)

Mrs Bradford (Teaching Assistant – Class 2B)

Mrs Ellam (Nursery Nurse – Class 1A)

Miss Cartwright (Teaching Assistant – Class 1B)

Miss Kirkpatrick (Year 1 Pupil Premium Reading Intervention Teaching Assistant)

Mrs Stewart (Teaching Assistant – Upper Foundation 1)

Miss Norton (Teaching Assistant – Upper Foundation 2)

Miss Turner (EYFS Pupil Premium Intervention Teaching Assistant)

Mrs Wheeler (Nursery Nurse – Nursery)

Mrs McAllister (Special Needs Assistant)

Mrs Robinson (Special Needs Assistant)

Mrs Flowers (Special Needs Assistant)

Miss Groves (Special Needs Assistant)

Mrs Carpenter (Special Needs Assistant)


Office Staff

Mrs Galley (School Business Manager)

Mrs Brailsford (Senior Administrative/Attendance Officer)

Mrs Hill (Administrative Officer)

Pastoral Care

Miss Walsh (Learning Mentor)

Miss Jackson (Pupil Support Mentor)

Mrs Brailsford (Senior Administrative/Attendance Officer)

Lunchtime Staff

Miss Jackson (Lunchtime Supervisor)

Mrs Broom (Lunchtime Assistant)

Mr Rigg (Lunchtime Assistant)

Mrs Welsby (Lunchtime Assistant)

Mrs Harmsworth (Lunchtime Assistant)

Mrs Griffin (Lunchtime Assistant)

Mrs Robinson (Lunchtime Assistant)

Mrs Knight (Lunchtime Assistant)

Mrs Boardman (Lunchtime Assistant)

Miss Galley (Lunchtime Assistant)

Mrs Stokes (Lunchtime Assistant)

Mrs Sukiu (Lunchtime Assistant)

Ms Wharton (Lunchtime Assistant)

Mrs Earnshaw (Lunchtime Assistant)

Mrs Wilkins (Lunchtime Assistant)

Mrs Bray (Lunchtime Assistant)

Mrs Sanneh (Lunchtime Assistant)

Mrs Booth (Lunchtime Assistant)

Premises Staff

Mr Freer (Caretaker)